ViZion+ Direct Capture X-ray Image Receptors

Medical Imaging Inc.

ALL of our x-ray services are 100% direct capture digital image receptors. This means that seconds after taking the x-ray the image shows up on the laptop screen at the bedside and then is wirelessly transmitted to the radiologist within minutes. This greatly reduces the time it takes to receive results. The use of digital radiography also reduces the radiation exposure to the patient due to the fact that the digital image receptor is far more sensitive than a traditional film and screen x-ray receptor.

  • Images are developed at the bedside seconds after x-rays are taken.
  • Images are transferred to the radiologist within minutes of the exam.
  • Radiation exposure is reduced.

Biosound MyLab Gamma Series

At Medical Imaging Inc. we incorporate state of the art ultrasound equipment. The MyLab Gamma is battery operated and the size of a briefcase which makes it ideal for bedside exams even during a power failure at the facility. It also has a quick boot time which shortens the amount of time the exam.

  • Battery Powered (Can still function even in the event of a power failure at your facility)
  • Compact
  • Quick boot times
Medical Imaging Inc.